Meet Matthew

Matthew Fogg is a native of Washington D.C. and the youngest of 10 children of which he is an identical twin. Three of his brothers served in the U.S. Military: Army, Navy & Air Force, and all three are Vietnam Era Veterans with one receiving the Purple Heart.

Mr. Fogg graduated from Eastern High School in DC and attended Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. During his summer months in college, he worked as an electrician and remained in that field until his employment with the United States Marshal Service on April 24, 1978. Mr. Fogg retired as Deputy Marshal from the US Marshal Service with distinguished service.

His mother and father are in good health at ages 80 and 96 respectively and Mr. Fogg is a long time resident of Temple Hills and currently lives in Clinton, Maryland.


  • Mr. Fogg graduated from Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Administration in 1976. While in college, he served as the Minority Student Body President and producer of an informative television show for children.
  • Mr. Fogg received honorary Masters and Doctorate degrees recognizing his exemplary abilities to affect positive change in the areas of law enforcement, civil, and human rights


  • Mr. Fogg has personally sponsored seven resolutions which passed before the B.I.G. National Delegates: Racial Profiling; D.C. Tax Without Representation; Racism in the War On Drugs; Genocide in Darfur; Appeal of the U.S. Patriot Act; Suspension of TASERS by Police Officers; and, Abolishing the U.S. Death Penalty.
  • Mr. Fogg’s advocacy for human rights in the face of extreme danger propelled him into the 21 Century as one who speaks out against internal judicial and federal employee misconduct.
  • Trained by the US Marshal Service as an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Collateral Duty Expert – Mr. Fogg voluntarily utilizes his formal skills to win favorable decisions before the US EEO Commission by personally representing other federal employees who blew the whistle on various forms of discrimination in the US and Korea.
  • He advocates for the civil rights of citizens who are in fear of police misconduct and brutality.

Community Involvement

  • Mr. Fogg serves on the Prince George’s County Drug Policy Coalition. Thru his work with BIG and FEW, in 2013 he participated in the Scholarship Awards Program at the Clarion Hotel in Oxon Hill, MD which and provided $1,000 scholarships to students.
  • Mr. Fogg, thru his work with BIG’s and local affiliates, volunteers with local nonprofits by providing food for the hungry.
  • Mr. Fogg serves as a mentor for our youth thru his work with Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)
  • Mr. Fogg has worked with the Points of Light Foundation and served as a basketball coach and mentor for the midnight basketball programs in schools throughout Prince George’s County.
  • Mr. Fogg, a man of action and leadership was in Ferguson, MO during the recent racially motivated protests in August 2014 and was interviewed on CNN for commentary on the Michael Brown case.
  • Mr. Fogg is one of the founders of the People’s Coalition for Police Accountability where he created a Citizen’s Review Board to include community when addresing police issues and policies.


  • In 2008 Mr. Fogg was recognized and awarded the NAACP Barrier Breakers Award as an American who blazed a path for others,” and for his valiant stand against the federal blue wall of silence.
  • In 2004, Mr. Fogg received the “NOFEAR Institute Whistle Award” for his outstanding pursuit of justice and equality in government operations while under severe personal internal retribution.
  • Mr. Fogg received the District of Columbia, U.S. Attorney, and Federal Bar Association’s highest law enforcement award for tracking down over 300 of America’s Most-Wanted and dangerous fugitives.
  • In 1991, Mr. Fogg was awarded the U.S. Marshal’s highest honor, the Director’s Honorary Award, for his leadership as a Fugitive Group Supervisor for the Metropolitan Area Task Force (MATF). This multi-state manhunt operation involved the arrest of over 75 major narcotic fugitives in the Washington, D.C. area known as Operation Sunrise.

Professional Affiliations

  • Mr. Fogg is former Chair and member of the Legislative Committee for Federally Employed Women (FEW), Inc.
  • Mr. Fogg is the chapter president for the Heritage Chapter of Blacks In Government (BIG).
  • Mr. Fogg is the National Equal Employment Opportunity Director for the Federally Employed Women’s Legal & Education Fund, Inc.
  • Mr. Fogg served as President of the B.I.G. Ronald H. Brown Chapter at the U.S. Department of Commerce, and Council Representative of B.I.G. Region XI.
  • Mr. Fogg has served as a Board member for Amnesty International USA.
  • Mr. Fogg served as co-chair of the NOFEAR Coalition responsible for the passage of the NOFEAR Act civil rights legislation signed into law by President Bush in 2002.


  • Mr. Fogg won a landmark, $4 million, whistleblower lawsuit against the United States Department of Justice, US Marshal Service in the case: Matthew Fogg VS. Janet Reno (March 30, 1998) Civil Action 94-2814 in U.S. District Court, Washington, D.C.
  • Mr. Fogg was the first African American US Marshal to win the largest racial discrimination lawsuit against the Department of Justice, in 1998, finding the USMS, under supervision of the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), was operating as a racially hostile environment for all African American Deputy US Marshals nationwide.
  • Mr. Fogg, was a 9-11 first responder involved in the five-day search, rescue and recovery effort and was featured recovering the body of a fallen New York City firefighter in People Magazine (dated 10-1-01.
  • Mr. Fogg has been selected as a speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) and provides expert commentary on TV, radio and print media including CNN, CBS, CSPAN, NY Post, Washington Post, Final Call, Vanity Fair and People.
  • In 2003, Mr. Fogg represented a Black female employee who challenged the US Army and won a precedent setting EEOC judgment and award for discrimination (Lucas v. US Army Space & Missile Command).
  • Five arrests made by Mr. Fogg, were featured on the U.S. Marshals 15 Most Wanted List, and profiled on Americas Most Wanted.
  • Mr. Fogg directed the successful arrest of DEA/USMS Fugitive, Paul Boulos by US Marshals in Los Angeles, CA. Boulos was a DEA class I co-conspirator in a major heroin distribution investigation. These arrests were critical to national safety because the defendants were Syrian nationals with connections to the Syrian government.
  • Mr. Fogg’s professional training in law enforcement, after joining the U.S. Marshal Service,­­­­­ involved hundreds of hours in numerous official courses with certifications to include, FBI Training Course, U.S. Marshal Service (SWAT) Special Operations Group, Firearms proficiency in multiple antiterrorist weapons, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) policy and procedures, Federal State & Local Criminal Investigations, Interrogation, Forensic Science, Scuba Dive Rescue, Certified Paratrooper Jump School, Witness Security, Explosive Ordinance and Improvised Explosive Devices, and Hand to Hand defensive and offensive Combat.
  • Mr. Fogg’s group successfully completion of a two year DEA/Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force Investigation (OCDETF) with the successful arrest and prosecution of 8 defendants known as the ROBERT COLON CONSPIRACY. COLON’S organization was responsible for supplying the Washington, D.C. area with approximately 12 kilograms of pure cocaine a month. Fogg’s group facilitated the simultaneous arrest of all defendants located in New York, Washington, D.C., Alexandria, VA, Miami, FLA, and Hawaii. All defendants were later convicted and received substantial sentences.
  • Mr. Fogg is currently in the process of penning a book (Bigots with Badges) chronicling his two decade journey for justice.