And Justice For All – Matthew Fogg For Congress

On Mar 31, 2016

Each candidate for Congress today has studied the issues to say exactly what you, the constituents want to hear. They say, I plan to FIX THIS and THAT but, they will FIX little or NOTHING when elected because Congress is a very hostile environment to equal justice in America. Proof of this statement is TODAY District 4 covers the Prince Georges County and Arundel County Maryland area. This incorporates the most affluent income producing, per-capita, middle class African American community in the United States.

AND YET, District 4 is at the bottom of every “ILL’S LIST” for all middle class American communities. We have the highest foreclosure’s, a robust preschool to prison pipeline, most failing elementary through junior high schools, double digit black & brown youth unemployment, racial profiling, high property taxes, prison explosion and no training or jobs for prisoner re-entry, disheartening elderly care, small business deprivation and much more!!!

PLEASE DON’T Vote on what WE SAY TODAY but, ask us — as prior public servants in government, what sacrifice did we make while working for the same institutions that were hostile to District 4’s needs to stop the bleeding.

Matthew FOGG is the only candidate for this Congressional OFFICE who Blew-The-Whistle on INTERNAL WRONGDOING against the MOST powerful government and law enforcement agency in the world — the United States Department of Justice AND WON in Federal Court.     Click Link News WMAL 7 Story on YouTube

He was told to compromise be quiet and his life was threatened by those who retaliated but, GOD anointed him to Protect & Serve you, the people.


When you elect FOGG to Congress he will cry loud and spare not for you, your children, grandparents, friends and neighbors. FOGG will stand up to EVERY politician and special interest lobbyist if they expect DISTRICT 4 and like communities in America to continue being denied;


Please forward this post to and/or copy this ballot for you and others and tell everyone to go to the polls and pass it out and VOTE!!!!!!

 Early Voting April 14-17.

Final Primary Voting  April 26

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